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The first step in reducing operating costs and energy consumption in a data center is by learning to properly manage the airflow in your data center. The Air-Scope assessment will provide data center managers a tool that will allow them to better understand their existing cooling infrastructure so that they can make better informed decisions on their current and future infrastructure expenditures. The Air-Scope assessment provides 3 key items:

  • Business Offices
  • Warehouses & Manufacturing
  • Medical and Dental Offices
  • Retail Stores and Locations
  • Restaurants

Based on a sampling of data centers around the world, the average data center uses almost 4 times as much cooling capacity than the comparative IT loading requires. Most often this excessive use of cooling is the result of poor airflow management as well as the misunderstanding and misdiagnoses of cooling problems. By implementing an Airflow Management Strategy many times the cost of correcting the problem is minor compared to just adding more cooling units which often isn’t the answer.

Airflow Management Solutions:

The Air-Scope Assessment will provide you with a full understanding of your current cooling infrastructure and provide you with solutions to correct your existing problems. There are a number of different airflow management solutions that can be utilized:

  • Air Sealing Grommets
  • Rack level blanking panels
  • Aisle airflow Management Systems
  • SmartAir MZ
  • DirectAir
  • GrateAir

By implementing some or all of these airflow management solutions the Data Center Manager will be able to do some or all of the following to help reduce the overall energy and operating costs: raise temperature sets points, turn off cooling units, or reduct fan speed. Because there are so many different ways to manage your airflow within your Data Center, we can help you take the guess work out of what are the most important steps to take. One thing is for sure, your first step should be to give us a call today and schedule your Air-Scope Assessment so you can start saving money tomorrow.