Tier E/A Electro Mechanical Flooring

Commercial Tier E/A Electro-Mechanical Distribution Systems

Chicago design and build project example

In today’s Data Centers, effective air delivery and efficient electrical wiring distribution are the most critical requirements when planning your new space. Currently, Data Centers are being built in one of two ways:

1 Utilizing raised access flooring at heights in excess of 36” which is required for the volume of air necessary to cool the equipment

2 No raised access flooring (hard surface Data Centers) where the overhead space is used for both wire and air distribution

Both of these designs have their limitations but most Data Centers continue to be built using one of them because until now there has not been a better option.

The TIER E/A SYSTEM provides a solution for all of the major problems found in each of the Data Center designs common in today’s market. For example, it solves the problems caused when electrical wires block underfloor air distribution and the only way to get to the wires requires disrupting the airflow. The system also eliminates all the problems associated with overhead installation, rerouting, and removal of wires and cables. The TIER E/A System does this by providing dedicated underfloor environments for both the airflow and the cabling. Wiring is housed in the upper tier and air is distributed through the unobstructed lower plenum. This makes the wiring easily accessible without ever disturbing the air flow of the space. Adding new cabling or removing existing cables is much easier and safer since you will not have to put them in overhead racks while on a ladder.

Convenience, Flexibility and Stability in one easy to maintain flooring system

EA Raised Floor installation in Data Ceneter

You can remove as many panels as you like to work on wires and cables without compromising the stability of the system or disturbing the pressurized air flow in the dedicated air plenum below.

Instead of worrying about trying to throw air 30’ under a conventional raised floor and still not being able to cool the top of your cabinets, how would you like the ability to throw air 137’ and have it reach the top of your cabinets without fail? The TIER E/A system will allow you to do just that.

The structural characteristics of the Tier E/A™ floor are unsurpassed. The product’s design, including the unique pyramid configuration created by cooperating floor panel support struts to create a truss system, makes the Tier E/A™ understructure the strongest you will find anywhere. The die cast aluminum floor panel is likewise remarkably strong, and its strength does not depend on any type of stringers, which would get in the way of easy access to the wires and cables housed in the System’s upper level.

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